Chocolate School


This intensive course is suitable for anyone who is thinking of being a chocolatier, or would like to learn the basic skills of working with chocolate to advance career prospects or be an entrepreneur.

Over two exciting days with our most popular course; you get a quick look at the 3,000 year history of chocolate, you'll learn about the chocolate making process from cocoa bean to bar, learn the difference between Real Chocolate and Compound. understand the essentials of working with chocolate and the theory behind different tempering techniques; the building blocks of chocolate work.

Learn by doing. Correct way of melting. Hands on tempering, two technique and demo of third. Learn important skills by making simple pralines; moulded, dipped and piped and also learn the art of making truffles. Create a moulded chocolate bar, hollow chocolate figurine etc. it will be a very busy two days. And finish off by learning the basic techniques of making simple cake decorations

You take home all the chocolates, each day, to proudly share with friends and family.

You use only premium chocolate and ingredients and equipment used by professional chefs. You get a free Course Book of all that you learned and the recipes. Aprons are provided for use.

Lunch, both days, is included.

Fee: Rp. 3.250.000,-